Chocolate Hills

This one of the most famous places in the Philippines, the Chocolate Hills.
About 1,200 hills are here, originated from coral deposit in the ancient times (this area was under the sea that time).

Butterfly Sanctuary in Bohol

The Old Church in Bohol

Lunch on Floating Restaurant on Rio Verde

After touring, we had lunch on the floating restaurant.

Boracay White Beach

Beautiful white sand beach, the famous White Beach of Boracay.

Boracay at Night

Boracay at night is fun, with fire dance, dancing chef, good restaurants and nice bars.

Old City in Manila

By my hostel, Our Melting Pot, I joined the free walking tour. A really nice tour to the old part of the town, leaded by the hostel manager, Mrs.Chateau. We departed from our hostel in Makati, using bus, then using MRT, in the end of the tour, we rode on a house chart (called Caleste) to Manila Bay to have a dinner.